Jamie “Jamie WAS AWESOME. .. She helped me with what I needed and saved me money. She is very Customer Friendly and always had a ... (more)” - for Jamie @Mauston 8897 16 Jan
Jamie “Jamie was super helpful! I would recommend her to anybody!! Thanks again!!” - for Jamie @Mauston 8897 14 Jan
Elliot “Elliot was very patient with the amount of data that I had on my phone as it took longer than usual to download. He was a very ... (more)” - for Elliot @Wisconsin Dells 6147 14 Jan
Fabian “He was awesome!!! He explained the different phones. He walked me through new phone. I will refer him to my friends” - for Fabian @Mauston 8897 13 Jan
Jeff “Jeff was able to compare the available phones with our old phones and set up a plan where we could upgrade and save money.” - for Jeff @Adams 9632 11 Jan
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