Erica “Erica was extremely helpful and informative. I originally came in to make an insurance claim and she informed me my money would ... (more)” - for Erica @Sparta 17412 16 Sep
Stevie “Stevie was great! Her personality made me feel very comfortable. Her knowledge of products and services was extraordinary.” - for Stevie @Black River Falls 14937 15 Sep
Aza “Aza was amazing! We were definitely dreading going in for new phone because the process usually sucks. Aza was quick and ... (more)” - for Aza @La Crosse 14772 14 Sep
Mackenzie “She was friendly, knew her products at the store and even talked about familiar things that happen to us all. Great A++++ job” - for Mackenzie @Black River Falls 14937 13 Sep
Elliot “I would definitely recommend people to go see Mr Elliott. for any questions or any problems with their cell phones. I Know we're ... (more)” - for Elliot @Wisconsin Dells 6147 11 Sep
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