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25 Customer Service Cartoons that Will Make You Laugh

Always offering above and beyond customer service is a difficult task to keep up.  Hopefully these customer service cartoons will help you enjoy your work more, while also getting a great laugh.

Our team spent many hours picking out these hilarious cartoons to make your day.  Hope you enjoy!

Customer Service Cartoons About Waiting

Randy Glasbergen ( makes some stellar cartoons around customer service.  Many of these cartoons especially focus on call center jokes. Here is one of our favorite cartoons by Randy:


Customer Service Cartoons By Randy #1

Let’s hope that your call center does not use this script:

Customer Service Cartoons by Randy #2

It’s no fun waiting on hold and then being told you’ve got to take to social media for assistance:

Here’s hoping your company doesn’t have a game plan like this one:

Ever feel like your customer service experience takes a million times longer when you’re not in a company’s good graces?

Customer service is a much better deal:

Apathy and customer service don’t exactly mix:

Sometimes spending a century on hold feels like an actual possibility.

Customer Service Cartoon

At least they’re being honest!:

Randy Customer Service Cartoons #4

Offering more positive hold music certainly doesn’t hurt:

Randy Customer Service Cartoon #6


For any ultra frustrating customer service calls:

Any day now, they just might call your number:

Cartoons about Hiring and Training Customer Service Reps

Hiring the right employees can be tough. These customer service jokes highlight that challenge, while also adding a positive, hilarious spin to that challenge.

If only we hired penguins, then maybe all of our customer service problems would be solved:

Customer Service Cartoons Randy #3

Training your employees to handle difficult calls is definitely a good start:

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It also helps to hire employees who actually want to help solve problems!:

And of course, they need to actually care about the customers:

It’s important to train employees to know every part of the job (cartoon courtesy of Shep Hyken):

Employees that rock customer service are an asset to a company, not something to downsize:

A friendly customer service agent is more helpful than a cranky one:

Employees who want to continually do their jobs better are employees worth praising:

Cartoons about Customer Service Feedback

When it comes to asking for customer feedback, be sure to have the right system in place to ask for that feedback. This funny customer service joke below demonstrates the awkward situation of only asking for positive feedback:

Superman Customer Service Cartoons

How can you have a pulse on your customer satisfaction, if you have no way to receive feedback?  This customer service joke demonstrates the power and importance of customer feedback, with a funny twist. It basically jokes: if you do not collect customer feedback, then there is no way to know what is going on with your customers.

One of our subscribers, Kenny Lim, VP of Success at Ingram Micro, highlights the importance of getting that powerful customer feedback in his interview here.


Unhappy customers just might morph into former customers:

When it comes to setting up a cohesive customer feedback system, it is important to make sure that your feedback does not go into a black hole, like in the cartoon below. Customers are always happily surprised when our clients use Praiseworthy to address their concerns and complaints, and they are addressed within 24 hours (cartoon courtesy of

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