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The Top 28 Best Business Mission Statement Examples We’ve Seen

Companies can seem larger than life.

Yet, when it comes down to it, a company is nothing more and nothing less than an idea.

All of your company’s hard work, commitment, focus on customer services boils down to your brand. Creating a brand customers trust and believe in is rooted in building a stellar business mission statement. Because of this, we can glean inspiration from the brands that do it best. Below are 28 of the best company mission statements we’ve seen, and how they make it happen.

1. Disney

“Creating happiness through magical experiences.”

Disney’s dedication to making its parks “the happiest place on earth” extends to everything they do. Shorter lines for rides and faster check-in services? Magic. Using technological advances to improve their guests’ experiences on the regular? Yep, it’s all because of magic. Disney is likely the only employer that encourages their staff to consider magic in their everyday goal setting.

2. Southwest

“Low fares. Nothing to hide.”

Southwest has had a variety of slogans throughout the years, but it all comes down to providing a lighthearted, low-cost option that doesn’t sacrifice on customer care. Another popular Southwest tagline is “if it matters to you, it matters to us.” As a result, they make that company mission statment come true by making low-cost air travel fun and comfortable. Through the years, they’ve offered an air experience that remains popular even amid the legacy air carriers around them.

3. Honda

“The power of dreams.”

Honda aims to show customers that everything they do is in the pursuit of making their cars better. (And if you own a Honda yourself, you know their cars are built to last for years on end.) Consequently, Honda is dedicated to perpetually improving. That mission statement shines through in one of their recent ads, which is an award-winning depiction of the endless pursuit of “better.”

4. REI

“Bringing the outdoors into the retail experience.”

REI has been unique from the start. Since the brand operates as a co-op, its customers have a strong say in the business. REI’s #OptOutside campaign, a call to head outdoors instead of shopping on Black Friday, is now a year-round catchphrase. REI’s “no questions asked” return policy has been reformed in recent years, but it’s still world famous. (It even turns up in pop culture. In the bestselling memoir Wild, the main character exchanges her dirty, ill-fitting hiking boots from a rural trail. REI happily ships her a new pair in the remote West Coast wilderness.)

5. Subaru

“Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”

Subaru was founded on the concept of love, and subsequently brings that warm and fuzzy message into its advertising. The Subaru Love Mission Statement is “a pledge to do right by the communities in which we all live and work.” This includes donating to charitable causes, reducing environmental waste, and sharing environmental knowledge with the National Park Service.

6. L.L. Bean

“The outside is inside everything we make.”

L.L. Bean’s devotion to outdoor endurance has kept it at the forefront of customers’ minds for decades. L.L. Bean’s advertising has a focus on “LLasting,” because everything L.L. Bean makes is built to endure. Their famous 100% satisfaction guarantee knows few limits, and their return and exchange policy makes that especially clear. Anything you’ve purchased from L.L. Bean at any time (even 30 years ago) is eligible for exchange.

7. Amazon

“Earth’s biggest selection and being the Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

Amazon grows bigger and more far-reaching every year. It’s clear that the company is holding to its promise, and then some. As technology grows, so does Amazon—and so does its ambition.

8. IBM

“Let’s build a smarter planet.”

IBM’s Mission Statement goes further than its original slogan, “Think.” While IBM does want its customers to think, it’s also dedicated to improving the world. IBM aims to expand technology access around the planet, and works toward that whenever possible.

9. Hermès

“We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.”

Hermès is known for its dedication to craftsmanship, and that shows in each product it sells. As a result, the brand’s main goal is delivering a product that speaks for itself. That goal has paid off in spades, because many families stay loyal to Hermès for generations. Some of the brand’s most coveted products (think Birkin bags) have remained popular even as the world’s attention span shortens.

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10. Toyota

“Quality, safety, and innovation.”

Toyota insists that “nothing is so good that it cannot be made better.” It even uses a special word for this pursuit: Kaizen. According to Toyota, “it means continuous improvement.” Because of Toyota’s focus on quality and relative affordability, customers often stick around for life.

11. IKEA

“To create a better everyday life for the many people.”

IKEA is known worldwide for its affordable home products. It’s also known for providing shoppers with the opportunity to creatively design their lives. Most of all, IKEA aims “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices to low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.” In the eyes of happy customers, Ikea has certainly lived up to that promise.

12. Macy’s

“Our brand promises a magical experience every day.”

According to Macy’s, this mission statement also extends far beyond stores. Providing a “magical” shopping experience is a priority, and so is bringing that magic out into the world. Events like the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City are a testament to that. (And lest we forget, the film Miracle On 34th Street, which launched Macy’s into fame, is all about magic.)

13. Publix

“Where shopping is a pleasure.”

This Florida supermarket chain is adored by locals, and it’s easy to see why. First of all, the brand has been dedicated to ethics and positivity since the very beginning. Publix’s popular stock option program means that everyday employees own much of the company. Founder George W. Jenkins told his employees to “never let making a profit stand in the way of doing the right thing.” Because of Jenkins, that value remains true to the store today. (Oh, and children visiting the Publix bakery section always receive free cookies. Everyone loves free cookies!)

14. Spotify

“Music for everyone.”

This source for nonstop music is a central part of many of its customers’ everyday lives. The company rebranded in 2015 to make it clear that it’s a music company, not a tech startup. What makes Spotify especially successful, however, is its commitment to excellent customer service and support.

15. Nordstrom

“At Nordstrom, our goal is to provide outstanding service every day, one customer at a time.”

The Nordstrom name is synonymous with customer service. Because we live in such a saturated world, that’s a tough feat to pull off. Nordstrom, however, has been at this for over a century. “Fashion changes,” Nordstrom states. “Shopping changes. Our commitment to happy customers doesn’t.” Since the brand never rests on its laurels, it finds continued success. And that makes a major difference.

16. JetBlue

“Air on the side of humanity.”

JetBlue made a name for itself as a breath of fresh air in a world of frustrating travel experiences. JetBlue’s positive atmosphere (and, of course, lower prices) stands out among the rest. As a result, customers almost always disembark from JetBlue planes satisfied. Considering that airlines are the companies almost everyone loves to hate, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

17. Panera Bread

“Food as it should be.”

Panera has long fostered an ethics-focused identity. The company values kindness to customers and has even opened pay-what-you-can locations in struggling communities. The brand took things to the next level when it pledged to eliminate all artificial ingredients from its menu by the end of 2016. Not surprisingly, Panera has kept its promise.

18. ModCloth

“We believe fashion is for every body.”

ModCloth was once a tiny, independent seller with a small but devoted following. Today, it’s one of the most popular online sellers out there. ModCloth made a name for itself by giving a platform to indie designers and selling vintage clothes alongside new products. It’s also known for excelling at customer service and giving customers a strong voice on the site. In 2014, ModCloth signed a public pledge to never Photoshop images of its models. (It’s worth noting, though, that ModCloth never Photoshopped its images to begin with.)  ModCloth has remained dedicated to that promise and to showcasing models of all sizes on its site.

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19. Chipotle

“Food with integrity.”

Chipotle promises customers to put thought into every ingredient that goes into their meals. Chipotle insists their food is “as real as it gets,” and the great taste speaks for itself.

20. Dunkin’ Donuts

“America runs on Dunkin.”

Dunkin’ Donuts has accomplished something extraordinary. It has remained relevant since first opening in Boston in 1950. The brand now has locations in every corner of the globe. Anywhere in the world, you can walk into a Dunkin’ knowing you’ll be served quality coffee. Dunkin’ promises to fuel customers through their busy days, and makes good on that business mission statement with consistency.

21. Levi’s

“Quality never goes out of style.”

This storied brand, which made blue jeans popular to begin with, invites its customers to “live in Levi’s.” Over the years it became a mainstay both for “cool” crowds and for customers who just want durable, comfortable clothes. Its vibrant approach to advertising certainly doesn’t hurt.

22. Airbnb

“Belong anywhere.”

Airbnb’s inclusive message and its logo, which is designed to represent “people, place, and love” promote a strong business mission statement. With Airbnb, customers can expect to feel welcome and at home anywhere in the world.

23. Ford

“Go further.”

Ford has a pretty strong business mission statement to work with. The name “Ford” is known for early American innovation. It’s associated with the can-do spirit that helped U.S. industry thrive in the early 20th century. Today, Ford promises customers that it’s always willing to go the extra mile to make their cars better.

24. Delta

“Keep climbing.”

Unlike most airlines, Delta’s brand messaging focuses on the customer rather than the company. Delta’s advertising aims to highlight how hardworking, intrepid, and adventurous their flyers are. Delta’s ads are some of the most thoughtful out there, especially when it comes to their peers. It’s tough for higher-end legacy airlines to put out a modern feel through their branding, but Delta nails it.

25. Target

“Expect more. Pay less.”

Target is known as a fun, inexpensive shopping experience full of both everyday staples and unexpected treasures. The brand’s advertising is no different. Target ads’ humor and vibrant colors make the brand accessible to every shopper.

26. Away

“First class luggage at a coach price.”

Away’s luggage is all about combining functionality and a chic aesthetic at a price that everyday travelers can actually afford. That’s no easy feat to accomplish, but Away makes it happen—and their stylish advertising brings it on home.

27. Casper

“Obsessively engineered mattresses at a shockingly fair price.”

Casper, also known as “the internet’s favorite mattress,” is famous for arriving tightly packed into a small box. How Casper fits those comfy mattresses into such tiny containers may always be a mystery, so while you ponder it, spend some time checking out their adorable advertising.

28. Ellevest

“Invest like a woman.”

Ellevest is changing the finance game by offering investment plans and options designed exclusively for women. If its forward-thinking graphics and branding are any indication, Ellevest has a cutting-edge eye toward the future of finance—and joining them on the journey sounds pretty dang tempting.

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