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Case Study: How a Retail Employee closed a $10,000 deal through a Praiseworthy Review

Customer feedback is a key tool in ensuring things are going right in the company. But did you know that customer feedback can also boost monthly sales?

In this most recent Praiseworthy blog post, we connect with Kevin Etheridge, Director of Sales at Solid Wood Cabinets. This successful “factory-direct” retail company has seen growth in sales and in employee retention, much thanks to Etheridge’s leadership styles. And also thanks to a very special tool he used, which helped boost his company sales up $10,000 through just one customer review.

Etheridge has a passion for the retail industry. After graduating from college, he jumped right in. Following serving in various high-level management roles, he joined The Solid Wood Cabinet company in 2016 and has brought great improvements.

In his vast experience, he’s learned a thing or two about thriving even in an e-commerce world. His strategy of enhancing company culture through customer feedback has boosted monthly sales an astronomical amount.

Using Customer Feedback to Boost Sales

Highlight Positive Praiseworthy Reviews [6.30]

The successful strategy Etheridge has used places a high importance on customer feedback surveys, through Praiseworthy.

Etheridge and his team joined Praiseworthy through beginning with a free trial offer. In this risk-free month-long trial, your business has the opportunity to use direct customer feedback to enhance company culture and improving the customer experience while supporting employees.

In just that short amount of time, the recognition of Solid Wood Cabinets soared.

So how does Etheridge use the feedback to bring success?

Etheridge and his team use the tactic of shouting out sales to highlight the good things employees have done and to encourage others. “There’s an inertia that comes with that,” he says. “It has a tendency to elevate attitudes of performance. And it started to lift all of our stores.”

Elevating those attitudes often come about through sharing positive comments and reviews sales staff receive from customers. This practice builds a positive company culture.

“It’s all about the culture,“ he says. “I talk about have fun and sell kitchens. Having fun is about helping others. And Praiseworthy is a natural extension of that.”

Recognize the Importance of Customer Feedback [10.22]

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While Solid Wood Cabinets does use secret shopper programs, Etheridge notes how getting customer feedback has dramatically enhanced the company culture and sales.

“We get feedback from our customers in a non-obtrusive way, how great would that be?” he says.

Etheridge especially likes how the feedback goes directly to the sales staff. This ensures that that individual sales member is recognized for their good work.

“Confidence is so key in sales success,” he says. “And when you’re receiving positive feedback from customers, you’ve earned that, and it increases confidence.”

Boosting confidence for employees has great positive effects that reach to a company’s bottom line. Therefore, feedback and reviews from Praiseworthy translate to better sales.

How Customer Feedback Boosted Sales at Solid Wood Cabinets [13.30]

The importance of receiving customer feedback is shown through Etheridge’s story of a customer review contributed to a large sale.

A kitchen designer from Solid Wood Cabinets said she received a positive customer review. “She said, ‘It made me feel so good’,” he says. “She said, ‘I felt so good about it that I called the customer’.” He says the designer thanked the customer for the review. “And from that point, the customer was motivated to come in and wrap up a $10,000 kitchen sale,” he says.

Just like that, a positive customer review and a follow-up from the employee led to a $10,000 sale.

Customer feedback is that important.

“Praiseworthy feedback that we get is a constant reminder that ultimately, we’re here to serve the customer,” he says. “So it doesn’t really change the narrative. It enhances it. It’s about productivity and sales and satisfying customers.”

Follow Up With Customers [14.20]

Serving and catering to the customer’s needs has boosted Etheridge’s company. “Good follow-up with customers leads to better results,” he says.

That small act of following up with a customer can have monumental positive effects.

It’s a great way to continue to build that customer-employee relationship.

“We love word of mouth, we love referrals,” he says. “And this gives us an extra avenue to ask for referrals. It really does enhance our offering to our customers and thrive our business.”

Train Staff Intentionally to Follow  [17.24]

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Another piece in Etheridge’s method to boost monthly sales through customer feedback is in staff training. From the hiring process to classroom trainings to instilling a positive company culture, the attention Etheridge provides his staff carries over to increased monthly sales.

“The focus here is results and relationships,” he says. “Culture is something hard to define, but people know.”

Using customer feedback helps build those themes that the company culture seeks to emphasize.

Humility is an important theme for the company culture at Solid Wood Cabinets. “If you’re making decisions, that you benefit yourself above others, it’s not going to work,” he says. “People want to work for companies and on teams where they’re respected and there’s good teamwork. It’s making sure we’re being fair and honest with people.”

The virtue of humility has shown its results, like dramatically low employee turnover and a high net promoter score.

Want to learn how customer feedback through Praiseworthy can boost monthly sales and create a richer company culture? Visit to try a free round of customer feedback surveys.

To learn more about Kevin Etheridge and Solid Wood Cabinets, visit their website.


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