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How To Delete Google Reviews If They Are Fake

Google Reviews have proven their influence over the success of businesses, but fake reviews counter the benefits of the platform. So, to give you the ultimate remedy to battle against fake reviews, here’s the answer to your question “How to delete Google Reviews?”

Online reviews are the new Oprah Winfrey. It’s the new best friend with the best suggestions for everything— from brunch spots to mobile apps. BrightLocal’s ‘Local Consumer Review Survey 2017’ illustrates just how religiously adhered to online reviews actually are. In their most recent research, posts on review sites attract 97% of visitors. From the same survey comes an alarming statistic every business owner should be wary of — the number of fake reviews in 2016 have been reported to be read by 79% of consumers visiting sites like Angie’s List, Foursquare, or Yelp. But among the many review sites that have amassed, one truly stands out: Google. And in this post, we show you how to delete Google reviews that are, to say the least, shady.

From December of 2016 to April of 2017 alone, the reviews posted in the search engine’s landing pages have garnered a following of 74.24% against other review sites. Although an obviously prestigious status to have, this sphere of influence Google has created for itself is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it becomes another means for the promotion of businesses. It can potentially be a launchpad for startups, or a way to capitalize content marketing efforts by established companies. On the other hand, with the growing number of fake negative reviews, it can potentially serve as a catalyst for a business’ failure. So, to answer the question: how to delete google reviews? Here are what you should do once you smell something fishy with your business’ online review:


Flagging a Review

Because of the magnitude by which Google Reviews have on the digitally-inclined bunch, a negative review does as much as hurt a business’ image. As research shows, 22% of consumers are easily convinced otherwise by a bad feedback from a fellow consumer. Furthermore, the same study found that as little as three negative Google reviews influence 55% of consumers to turn a product or an offered service down. If these figures have you at the edge of your seats, as they should, then it’s time that you do something about those fake negative reviews posted regarding your business. And to answer the question “how to delete Google reviews?” One way you can take down a fake review is by flagging it. When the review is convincingly fake, the best thing to do is to give Google a nudge by flagging the suspected review.

Here are four easy steps to flag down a review:

  1. Navigate your way towards the negative feedback that looks too negative to be true. Locate the flag icon right beside the time counter, or the duration which the feedback has been posted.
How To Flag A Fake Google Review
How To Flag A Fake Google Review
  1. Click the flag icon to begin the process. After clicking the flag icon, you will be redirected to a ‘Report a policy violation’ page. In this redirect, you will be asked for your e-mail address, and to describe the violation, which is as easy as clicking the options which best suit the feedback you are trying to flag.
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Report A Policy Violation Google Review Page
Report A Policy Violation Google Review Page


  1. The next step would be to wait for a representative from Google about the status of your flagging. In some cases, Google reps would ask you supplementary questions to consider your case as valid; while in some, reps give you other possible options to go about the situation at hand.


  1. While the third step can technically be considered as the last, this additional step is more of a tip to help support your claim. It always pays to be backed up by others in flagging down suspected fake Google reviews. You can have members of your team or existing clients who are satisfied with your product or service help you out with flagging the review. This will give the team at Google an idea of how legit and how urgent your case is.


Filing a Case with Google

Google actually does something about your reports, in case you were wondering if there’s any point in asking the question “how to delete Google reviews?” More often than not, the negative reviews contain slanderous accusations meant to malign the image of a business. If this is the situation you are currently dealing with, then it would be best to contact the Google support team in charge of dealing with small businesses.

There are many ways to get in touch with the Google support teamone is to log in to Google My Business dashboard, then navigate your way to the Review section, then Click on the Home Menu and Select Support, then you have to select how you’d want Google to contact you: Phone or Email; and lastly, fill in the necessary details of the next landing page , and for good measure, post a screenshot of the review you are filing a case against. The second option, is to send the Google Small Business Support Team (@GoogleSmallBiz) a message via Twitter using your business’ Twitter account just how Jessie Low of Whitespark did.

How To Report Fake Google Reviews Via Twitter
How To Report Fake Google Reviews Via Twitter (Image Courtesy of Jessie Low of Whitespark)

Once you got their attention, state your claim and load it up with details that strongly support your case. Tell them your side of the story: how you think the comment is not reflective of your products capabilities; why you think this would be a cause for bad rep for Google Reviews in general; what the negative implications of this review can do to your business; and you can go as far as supplementing your claims with photos or links that would intensify your plea.

It’s like filing a lawsuit really, the better the argument the greater the chance of winning the case. Just like in a court hearing, the member of the support team is the jury you need to convince. If it passes their standards, they’ll elevate the case to the support specialist. This specialist is the judge with the final say whether the review you are reporting is indeed fake or not. Regardless of their decision, you will receive either a call or an email from the team to give you their final verdict. So the next time another fishy review appears on your page, you now know how to delete Google reviews.

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Alternative To Deleting Reviews: Get More Positive Reviews

If all else fails, a.k.a ‘if Google dismisses your case’, there’s always another way on how to delete Google reviews. Plan B: gain new patrons. At this day and age, when apps that ease the burden of providing excellent customer service are abound, it takes one like AutoPilot Reviews to prove that it is not an excess in the company budget. How does it do so? By providing you case studies that gives you an idea of just how much you’ll benefit from it. “Within 7 Days of launching this product, I received 6X as many Google reviews than ever before,” shares Todd Bender, CEO of Wireless Group Holdings. From your online presence to client-business relationships, AutoPilot Reviews will be beside you in providing complete customer service. The software gives you that second route when you go online asking how to delete Google reviews.


Fake reviews come in two forms: those that are all praise, and those that are sheer critical. An imbalance in the severity of the review might be the easiest way to spot a fake one. But some reviewers craft their posts well enough to pass as a genuine review. The next thing to do is to investigate the account of the person who posted it. Verify if the account is from an existing client by checking your client database for that person’s name. And lastly, check the time counter of the review for some clues. Some hastily posted fake reviews tend to disregard logical timing.’s executive editor John Falcone shares an example “It can be a red flag if there are multiple accolades for a product or a service—especially a new one—in a brief span of time (say, 30 minutes).”

BrightLocal’s survey also shares that fake reviews mislead 84% of visitors of online review sites. Paid human reviewers, or artificial intelligence are the common instruments for fake reviews. Testimonials whether true or false, positive or negative, can either benefit or hurt a business. Give due attention to what your audience says about the organization you are building. After all, it’s all part of the customer service obligation every business has. Remember, the difference of one star, or a negative review can easily spell the difference between you and the competition.

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