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5 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Customer Survey Results

Your survey is ready. You’ve crafted your questions to address what your company focuses on. You’ve asked your team for their feedback. The customer survey includes that all-important NPS Question (would you recommend us to your friends and family?).

Now what?

Implementing a customer survey strategy involves tactics in maximizing results. Don’t assume that data received through the surveys will magically analyze themselves. In order to maximize your customer survey results, there are some important tips to follow.

To guide you through ways to maximize your customer survey results, we talked to some experts. Five leaders in the business world share insightful advice – ways they’ve used customer feedback to bring their organization to success. Here, they share five ways to use customer feedback to enhance your company.

1) Uphold Your Purpose Statement

Receiving customer feedback, surprisingly, isn’t always all about the customer. Surveys can also be used to enhance company culture, says Doug Ecklund, CEO of Cellular Advantage and the author of the book, The 9 a.m. Meeting: A High Impact Approach to Making Work Meaningful, Energizing Employees, and Taming the Turnover Tiger.

His company places a high value on its purpose statement. “The purpose statement is, ‘to enrich the quality of life of our own and our customers at each interaction,” he says. “There’s got to be a bigger reason for being in business.”

Customer’s perception of employees and their experience enhance what’s going right in the company culture and what areas should be addressed. 

You can read more about Doug’s story, and how he benefits from customer feedback here.

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2) Increase Customer Referrals

One way to get more customers is through referrals from your existing customers. This is when that customer feedback question of “How likely would you recommend this company to a friend?” is critical. “Your customers are the lifeline of your business,” says Amir Noorani, COO of Dr. Cell Phone electronic repair store.

Through asking that simple question, Noorani has seen a drastic increase in their NPS, or net promoter score, which shows how likely someone would refer the service to their friends.

Customer reviews, whether positive celebrations or opportunities for improvement, help companies to enhance their culture and work toward promoting an even better customer experience. And a better customer experience, as Noorani has experienced, leads to increased referrals, and therefore greater business.  

Want to learn more about Amir’s experience with customer feedback?  Click here to learn more.

3) Rank Your Employees By Their Customer Service

Sales associates often enjoy a little friendly competition. Customer feedback can help you do that. And, as Jim Cutter, COO at Des Moines Golf and Country Club, has seen, such competition can increase sales.

“The thing about Praiseworthy that we really like is that it allows [our staff] to see how they’re doing, not just where we think they’re doing,” he says. “We love the benchmark report. It ranks our servers and makes them kick it up a notch.”

Encouraging employees to do their best through customer feedback helps create a better experience for all.

4) Follow-up With Promoters and Increase Sales

A fourth way to use customer surveys to bring maximum results is through reconnecting with and encouraging those customers who had a great experience. These customers who will sing your praises are called promoters. Kevin Etheridge, Director of Sales at Solid Wood Cabinets, has seen his sales increase through customer feedback.

“Praiseworthy feedback that we get is a constant reminder that ultimately, we’re here to serve the customer,” he says. “It’s all about productivity and sales and satisfying customers.”

And that satisfying of customers comes through knowing when a guest had a great experience, following up with them and encouraging those responses. Customer feedback is instrumental in promoting those promoters.

5) Motivate your employees

Customer surveys are powerful – for all involved. Employees feel appreciated, management knows what’s going right and employees also are recognized.

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And recognized employees feel motivated to continue that good work. Jamie Sunsmo, Director of Sales, Development and Employee Relations at Cell.Plus uses employee surveys in motivating employees.

“The customer felt appreciated that we asked them if they were appreciated,” she says. “It becomes a little bit of this pay-it-forward. It generates this kind of community between customers and associates.”

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