Praiseworthy gets you amazing customer feedback for great insight into your team

Survey Customers

Get your customers' opinions within twenty-four hours of them interacting with your team.

Monitor Feedback

See all your feedback on Praiseworthy’s dashboard and gain access to data-driven reporting.

Improve Team Performance

Boost your sales and NPS by having customers cheerlead your team and share their wins.


Get real feedback, from real people, in real time. Our short mobile survey is easy to complete and gets you more feedback. Our average response rate is 30% - more than any other survey out there.


Keep a pulse on your team's performance through our easy-to-use dashboard. Gain detailed insights into your frontline as seen through your customers' perspective.


Need to know whether your newest products are being offered to your customers? Easy, ask your customers on the survey and create an alert about that question. Then you'll be notified when you need to take a closer look and improve your sales process.


Stay on top of everything without checking in daily. We'll keep you updated with quick overviews of stats on the fly and detailed reports you can dive into to look at the performance of each store or employee when you get the chance.


Measure what matters most about your sales experience. From friendliness to promotion offerings, you can track with data your most important metrics. Receive alerts when there’s something you should know about, such as a negative experience, or a promotion not being offered at checkout.


See how everyone ranks based on their individual or overall team feedback to incentivize hard work (and a little competition).

Kenny Lim, VP of Customer Success at Ingram Micro

“Before Praiseworthy, we were receiving very little feedback. Now, thanks to Praiseworthy we get 5x more, and I now have insight into my team, and how they are performing. Praiseworthy is the only system that offers multiple channels for feedback for my QA process.”

Albert Alexander, Owner of ConEquip

“Praiseworthy gives us a daily and weekly connection to our customers. It is a lightbulb for our training team, especially for our newest reps brought on board.”

Manny Arora, Owner of IM Wireless

"The positive feedback Praiseworthy generates for our team helps keep us motivated, and celebrate our wins. It is something I look forward to every day with my morning coffee."

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