We started like this...

Years before starting Praiseworthy, Misa found herself constantly checking Yelp to stay on top of Nom Nom Truck's customers' experience. She realized there was no way to address negative experiences before they were made public - a frustration many small business owners face. She needed a way to connect with customers in a more proactive way. Things fell into place when she and her husband got the opportunity to test the idea for Praiseworthy at the AngelHack 2013 hackathon, and won. In the last two years, Praiseworthy has grown from only a 7 store client, to now over 1,000 stores, surveying over 2 million customers per year.

Misa Chien


Previous food truck owner turned tech CEO. Lover of kittens, great customer service & going the extra mile. Making people happy is what I live for.

Nico Brenner


"We have the technology!" Thankful for my team, SF and Plow. Big fan of Dale Carnegie and Olivia Fox Cabane.

Sue Quenville

Support Director

Client Care Aficionado. Onboarding Expert. Problem Solving Guru. Passionate about Client Happiness.

Pame Aranguiz

Lead Designer

Problem Solver who loves designing. Advertiser. Dreamer and maker. World citizen.

Jeff Cheng

Lead Developer

Former biology student, rails developer and rainy day hater. SF native and hobby explorer. Spicy food fanatic.